It has an international airport that can be used as your point of entry and exit to Morocco. Casablanca is a primarily a business city with excellent airport connections. The downtown open market is an easy walk from many downtown hotels.


One of the most enchanting spots in Morocco. It is both a laid back port town and a chic seaside resort. It has become the in place to visit for independent minded travelers. It is a small town easily accessible by foot. Essaouira’s charm is its blend of 18th century medina, a temperate climate, its vast sandy beaches, and youthful vitality.


Fes is Morocco’s oldest Imperial city is now a UNESCO World Heritage site offering behind its high walls a magical medieval city just teaming with life. Fes is the cultural and spiritual capital of Morocco.

Fez is a surreal place to visit where time has stood still since the Middle Ages. Exploring here gives the visitor the impression of being suspended somewhere between the past and the present. This city sets the context for what you will see as you leave the larger cities of Morocco and explore its many other smaller towns.


Midelt is an ideal city known for its fresh fruits, vegetables and mining operations and is located centrally in Morocco high in the Atlas Mountains. Tours options in Midelt include a tour of the old town, minerals shops, and mining operations all customized to your level of interest.


 This is the fossil capital of Morocco. You are 10 hours inland yet you sit on an ancient sea reef that was one of the most spectacular on earth 350 million years ago. The fossil deposits here show a density of life that was astonishing and far surpasses anything known in modern times. A large segment of the town of Erfoud derives its income from working of the marbleized fossils beds found on the edge of Erfoud.


Another small town less than 15 minutes from Erfoud also derives a significant part of its income fro the working of the fossils found in this area. This town houses a wonderful fossil museum (Thierry Museum) specializing in world class Trilobites.


Merzouga is located at the start of the Sahara desert. The dunes here offer unparalleled peace, tranquility and adventure. You have the option to take a sunset camel trek, stay overnight in a berber tent in the dunes, experience a half day tour of the berbers and the fossils mines of the desert. Several tours are available from here including, fossil buying tours into Risanni and Erfoud. Fossils mines and fossil factories in Erfoud. There is an excellent fossil museum in Risanni. The red sand dunes of Merzouga have been featured in many Hollywood films including Sex and City II and Lawrence of Arabia. The remote location is spectacular and embraces you with its serenity and inspiring beauty.


A very small town on the edge of the beds of world famous trilobites dating from 450 million years ago. Many consider these trilobite specimens to be some of the best in the world. It is about an hours drive from Risanni on the road South to the beach cities and to the gorges in the Anti-Atlas mountains.


Nestled among the boulder strewn mountain of the Anti-Atlas in the Amein Valley is the town of Tafraoute. It is remarkable as much for the journey through the mountains to get here as well as large boulders that surround the town.


This is a famous location where many hollywood movies have been filmed. It is on the way from Marrakech to the Sahara Desert. There is a museum here where you can see many of the sets and learn about the movies that have been made here for Hollywood. Stops here are based on your level of interest in this attraction.


It has an international airport that can be used as your point of entry and exit to Morocco. The city is bustling, captivating and uniquely cosmopolitan. It has everything from a world famous central night market (bazar) with a pulse that continues lake into the night. This city now boast all the modern convinces you would find in the West. You can find just about everything to shop for in Marrakech. Other places to visit in a tour or Marrakech include the Koutoubia mosque with its elaborate 12th century tower, the Saadian Tombs, a mausoleum containing the graves of 66 kings. And of course the lush vegetation of the Majorelle gardens.